With the ageing population in Mauritius together with the trending nuclear family and working couples phenomenon, there is an increasing need for more Adult Health Carers.

As at Year 2020, there were more than 225,000 persons in Mauritius aged 60+ in Mauritius. This situation will necessitate the services of many more Health Care Professionals in the country.

Indeed, the services of Adult Health Care Professionals will be increasingly required to give assistance to lesser autonomous or entirely dependent elderlies for their basic life routines, their health, safety, comfort, and well-being both in private Residences as well as in Homes.

In this context, Millenium Archademia Training Institute is launching a comprehensive Training in Adult Health Care targeting learners in the Early Adulthood and Early Middle Age groups (20 to 45).

Our Professionally Qualified and richly Experienced Instructors will provide a high quality Training, consisting of both theoretical and practical components, coupled with on-the-job coaching in Homes and Private Clinics.

Other than being awarded a British Certificate on successful completion of the course, Trainees would be eligible to immediately secure a job in either a Home or Clinic or at individual residences, or even aspire to work in Europe or Canada.

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