Fire Fighting Management

Training Mandatory by Law
HRDC Refund
MQA Approved

Do you have a trained Staff?
Do not wait for fire brigade!
Save your life and Property!

Fire Fighting Training for your staff!

Training Mandatory by Law.

Training at your Place with Fire Equipment

We provide : company fire fighting courses

Causes of fire & preventive measures: 
Good Housekeeping, preventive maintenance, contractors on site.

Fire Spread:
Convection, conduction, radiation
Electrical Hazards and Safeguard
Static electricity, electric shock, Safe approach, action to be taken if somebody is in contact of high voltage

Fire Extinguishment:
Cooling, Starvation, Smothering
Classes of Fire: -As per BS En2
Fire Extinguishers: -Fire extinguisher as per EN3
Automatic Fire detection System
What is an Automatic Fire Detection (AFD) system,
Manual Call Point

Fire suppression system:
Working principles of Carbon dioxide, Inergen suppression system

Emergency plan: 
What is an EP? Company EP.
Evacuation -How & when to evacuate.

Emergency Response team:
Fire warden structure Responsibility of wardens (Chief Fire wardens, Evacuation warden, Firefighting Warden, Roll call officer, First aiders). How to call Fire Department.

Scenario Based Training (SBT): 
Raising the alarm Call the brigade Evacuating the building Fight the fires
Debriefing: -scenario Based Training, near misses, Do`s & Don’ts

Definition of Fire:
Chemistry of Fire; Conditions and elements required for combustion to occur; Tetrahedron of Fire:-Chemical chain of reaction
Fire behavior
Diffuser Flame
Premix Flame,
Stages of fire
Fully develop
Flash over
Back draft

Training Mandatory by Law, HRDC refud, MQA approved 

Fire safety legislation (Overview)
The Fire Triangle
Theory of combustion
Means of summoning the fire brigade
Action on hearing the fire alarm
Human behaviour in fire situation
Means of escape
Breathing apparatus donning and use
Hydrocarbon Fires
Protective Clothing and other PPE
Fire Hose, coupling, fittings and manipulation
Fire streams
Fire investigation
Fire separation and compartmentation / zones
The no smoking policy (where applicable)
Special provisions for assisting disabled people and any training needed
The safe use of and risks from storing and working with highly flammable and explosive substances.

Automatic Emergency Exit Sign Box
Automatic Emergency Light (Two way moving system)
Breathing apparatus
Chemical Apron
Chemical Hand Gloves
Dust Nose Musk
Ear Muff
Emergency Exit
Fire Alarm (Motor Siren)
Fire Alarm Pause Switch & Box
Fire Apron / First Aid Apron
Fire Base/ First Aid Base
Fire Beater
Fire Blanket  Fire Bucket Stand  Fire Emergency Water Plumb
Fire Equipment Box  Fire Extinguisher (Foam)  Fire Extinguisher ABC  Fire Extinguisher CO2  Fire Hand Gloves
Fire Heat Proof Dress
Fire Helmet
Fire Hook
First Aid Box
Gas mask
Gong Bell Brass
Industrial Calling Bell
Mega Phone
Metal Hand Gloves
Rubber Hose & Horn Wall Bracket
Rubber Mate
Safety boot
Safety gloves
Safety helmet
Smoke Detector
Stretcher (Steel Body)
Visual warning Light
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Do you have a trained Staff?Do not Wait for Fire Brigade!
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