Team Building Seminar

Team Building Seminar at Mauritius
Millenium Archademia, Vacoas
Millenium Archademia, Vacoas Mauritius

The primary purpose of a team building activity is to bring together all the team members so as to help them build a rapport, to interconnect, to build or reinforce trust, and to give them the sense of belongingness, by enabling them to work in groups and understand the effectiveness of team work.
By collectively harnessing their attitude, care, focus, certainty, determination, and drive, they will be able to narrow or even eliminate their motivation gap and improve on their intra-team communication.

The team building activity will, through a set of training activities, expertly combine their mental and physical abilities, their resourcefulness, whilst not neglecting the fun aspect. Activities will be fast paced, interactive, intense, exciting and fun session. On completion, it is anticipated that both at individual and team levels, there will be a significant boost of motivation, and passion to succeed together in producing results! 
This blend of activities aims to  achieve the professional development of the team, and specifically designed to meet the COMPANY’S OBJECTIVES.

An example of a seminar process:

Full-Day Team Building HRDC Refund

Indoor Team Building activities like: (Examples )Ballon boom, Blind Polygon, Circles Pass, Hand Knot, Helium stick, Mine track, Pipeline small, Robot Writer, the lost twin 
Outdoor Team Building activities like: (Examples ) Ballon track, Caterpillar, Mini raft construction, Obstacle race, Spider net, Totem,  Wood march, Water chain 

Food & Beverages:
Food: Snacks & Course Meal Lunch  
Drinks: Welcoming Tea Break, coffee, water, juice & soft drinks

Session Time: 
Arrival Time: 09:45
Return Time: 15:45


This Work Shop can get HRDC Refund till 75%
Certificate of attendance approved by Mauritius Qualification Authority [MQA] for each participant

Note: Your company should be registered under HRDC to most benefit out of it.
Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival 
Failure to present a proper ID will entitle the activity supplier to charge the current public rate
No Show: If customer does not show up for reservation, 100% Cancellation Fee will apply

Why companies should invest in team building seminars?

The ability to work together as a team strengthens every organization. It improves internal communication and, through better cooperation, increases productivity and profitability. Good teams usually solve problems faster and more effectively than others.
Team building seminars reduce the turnover rate. By better understanding the strengths and weaknesses of others, better solutions to operational issues and challenges are found.
The fun that these seminars bring with them also leads to a closer connection to the company.
During these seminars, the company always offers a good opportunity to discover new talents and future leaders.
In addition, our seminars offer the company the opportunity to receive a refund of up to 75% through the HRDC. We would be happy to advise you and calculate your own contribution.
Very often, the remaining cost share for the company is less than 2000Rs per participant.
Find out today and make an appointment with us.

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